Cipralex Day 22 and 2000 Calories!

The start up side effects are mostly gone now, I think.

I have been shaky in the mornings for the past few days, and I hope that passes like the rest of the stuff.  This morning I climbed back into bed and turned on my electric blanket and warmed up and I was better pretty quick.

It may also be from hunger too, as I am finding my appetite and feeling hunger now.  Since my root canal on Monday, eating has been painful and not easy.  Today, though, I ate.  I had breakfast.  I went out and did grocery shopping and errands.  I had TWO hot dogs at lunch when normally I can barely finish one.  I cleaned dust from every inch of my living room, including giving the couches a good vacuum.  And then I had two helpings of spaghetti at dinner.  And after I came home from the Parent Council meeting tonight, I had over 700 more calories to finish off my day.  I finally consumed over 2000 calories without feeling horrible.  YES!

I have been neglecting my stretches for awhile and I can feel my muscles crying out for them.  Tense and hard to relax on command.  This could also be a cause for the shakiness.  I guess I probably will never know.  Tomorrow is another full day, but stretching really needs to be on the list!


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