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Yesterday I saw my dr. about my back and front pain that I've been struggling with for over a month now.
She is convinced that it is IBS.  Kind of rolled her eyes at me, then gave me a requisition for a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound, and a requisition for a blood celiac test.
For the celiac test to give accurate results, one must be eating about four wheat servings per day. I decided to start eating wheat again for this. Yesterday I had pancakes.  I was fine so today I had kraft dinner.  THERE was my normal gluten reaction...immediate diarrhea and then fall-over exhaustion. I had to go to my bed at 6:00 pm.  I will not be challenging gluten.  6 weeks may kill me.
The doc also gave me a prescription for a new med, and I'm sure the title of this entry gives it away, so you already knew that. Amitriptyline. 
Amitriptyline is an old antidepressant that apparently also is prescribed for IBS, off label. I was wary of it; I've been feeling so much better on my 2.5 mg of Cipralex. B…

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