Cipralex day 41(?) and Weigh In

Gained two pounds and am now at 97.  I stopped tracking my calorie intake and that sets me back.  It is not easy to eat to gain weight.  Many days I eat as my stomach threatens revolt.  A lot of the time I will eat whatever is in front of me (lots of goodies on my counter right now) even if I don't want it, just because I realize that I haven't eaten near enough for that day.  Food, bleh.

On Saturday I was out all day and forgot my Cipralex at home.  Instead of taking it at 6:30, I took it at 9:30, and have stayed with that for the past few nights because there is a better chance that I will be home and not trying to rush somewhere with the kids at that time of the night.  My body has been readjusting to that; I didn't think it would make a difference, but it has a little.  I am exhausted by the night time again, and have noticed a low point in the afternoon where I really just want to take a nap.  I had some of the eye flashies again too, either this morning or yesterday morning.  I don't really remember.

The jaw clenching is pretty much gone now, thank goodness.  For awhile I was wondering how I would be able to function with having to constantly think to relax my jaw.

There is likely a lot more to write here, but my daughter is asking me to play with her, and my body is asking to lay down, so it will have to be written another day.  :)


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