This is not the Tuesday I am looking for

Normally Tuesday is my favourite day of the week.  No need to get dressed and run out of the house in the morning.  I can stay in my jammies as long as I want.  Not today.

Today the PLAN was:  Send the boys to school, have my daughter and hubby accompany me to my dr. appointment, drop my hubby off at work (since his manager has decided that he cannot work from home any longer, even though he is an AT HOME AGENT and has worked from home for 5 years), do some errands, laundry and baking, eat dinner, pick up hubby from work, drop him off at his other work, drop son #3 off at Beavers and pick him up an hour later.

What actually far:  Send two boys to school and one back to bed with a stomach ache.  Rush to my dr. appointment early hoping that she is in early and will see me quickly (didn't happen) while hubby stays home with the kids and has the right side of his face slowly go numb starting at his lips and expanding up to his eye.  Since there is no paralysis, he decides it is not a stroke and that he should go to work rather than the hospital (so he doesn't lose his job since we seem to be on the cusp of that!).  He meets me in our parking lot with all his work stuff and I get out and he gets in.

I come in the house and check on the sick boy, who is asleep in his bed.  I decide to start that laundry and find that my washer has not appropriately spun the last load I did so I need to restart that.  I get bagels out to make myself breakfast and pop one in the toaster.  Get phone call from school saying son #3 is not feeling well.  Wake up sick son (#1) and tell him I'm going to the school.  Get daughter and self bundled up and trudge to school where son #3 has now puked all over the sick room and is sitting in the office bathroom by the toilet.  Sign out the boy, make sure he is stable enough for the trek home, and away we go.

10:30 am and I am STARVING and feeling quite like vomiting myself.  I got the boy settled on the couch in his jammies with a bowl.  Sanitize my hands.  Retoast my bagel.  Try not to think that there are five more people in the house who haven't vomited yet and that of course this would happen when I am behind on the laundry.  It always does.

Today I will be doing laundry like mad to try to catch up for when I am vomiting and can't do laundry.

I still have my cold - my nose is running like a faucet, and aunt flo arrived with a vengeance this morning.  Her timing is impeccable.

And with kids at home and no van, I will have to skip my beloved stress-relieving Froster today.  I might have to try getting creative with my blender and some ice.

I hope my hubby is okay.

I am handling this with poise and confidence and am not anxious at all.  A lot like my old self.  I'm proud.


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