Abs, Cardio, Friends and Counseling

Today we took our kids to the bank to set up bank accounts.  While I was standing in the office waiting for all the paperwork to be done, I looked down and saw my belly bulging.  It was accentuated by  the top corner of my jeans waistband sticking out.  My jeans used to have two buttons, but the top button broke off so they don't close properly at the top anymore.

Anyway, I was disgusted.  More disgusted than I thought I would be.  I want my flat tummy back.  I want to be skinny and not sick.  I have to say I felt very self conscious and embarrassed today.

So.  I am going to keep eating lots, and I am adding an ab workout to my day.  To get toned.

Also, I need to add cardio.  This morning we walked to pick my daughter up from preschool.  When we got home, my body was tired.  Aching.  Sore.  It didn't want to do anything else.  It still had to make lunch and go to a couple appointments.  I almost said I couldn't do it.  But I fought for those appointments and I wasn't going to miss out.  Just from walking.  Ugh.

I've been reading a book that is giving me a push to revamp my family's diet.  I am finding that we are already doing really well with the meal planning that I'm doing, but of course there is always room for improvement.  :)

Hubby and the kids signed up for memberships at our local YMCA and I am excited for them all to have a place to exercise and swim whenever they can.  I also love that I can go with one of the kids as their guest and get in for a lower price than a regular non-member drop in price.  I think this is going to be really good for us.

Today a friend that I've been meaning to call but haven't quite had the gumption to make it happen, called me to ask some questions about kindergarten.  And we set up a playdate for our girls for next week.  I am so so glad that she called, and I am looking forward to renewing many friendships that I've not been nurturing, starting with her.

In counseling news, I thought that I had found the perfect person for our family, but it looks like our benefits won't cover her fees, so back to the search for me.  Also, I had found an amazing program that offers parenting support type classes, and at the same time offers programs for kids to develop social skills.  I was so excited to find this, especially since it is free, but alas, it is not close to our home.  Nothing is ever located in our quadrant of the city and it is frustrating that as I seek help so earnestly (seems I do this every January and then lose hope and quit only to have another year of unresolved issues that escalate horribly), it is always always too far away from our home to be practical.  We've tried the "drive across the city" thing.  Three times.  It always makes things worse.


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