Okay, aside from the obvious that a perk of taking Cipralex is to not have so much anxiety, I have found a new perk of being on the medication.

It helps me deal with my 10 year old.

I know that sounds awful, but he is going through this "I don't need to listen to you / waaaaah I'm hurt / I don't care about anything that you say / boohoo I need a hug / I am the boss of the house and I can punch who I want / Go ahead and make me" moody emotional stage that is a constant challenge to me.  Today he nearly knocked me down the stairs because I was trying to block him from leaving his bedroom.  For the most part, I am a patient person, but this kind of crap really pushes the limits of my sanity.  I HATE drama.  It drives me crazy when people don't just say what they want and what they mean.  And when my children outright defy me, it makes me ANGRY.

But, since taking Cipralex, I am finding that I can stay patient for much longer.  I am able to see clearly through the "battle" to make a decision on what to push on and what to let go of.  I can rationally offer my child choices ("I know you want to come out of your room to get your ______, but I told you that you are in here for the night.  So you can choose to get your _____ now, and lose one day of electronics, or you can stay in your room like you were told and not lose one day of electronics.").  I still get worked up inside, but not as quickly or intensely as I used to.  I am noticing that when my hubby is frustrated and annoyed with things, I want to tell him to just calm down, it's not a big deal (I try not to do this because I know that would not help matters...).

Anyway, taking Cipralex hasn't been helpful to my patience in all areas, but in parenting my children through difficult times, it has been amazing.  When my 6 year old with anger issues is about to lose it, I am able to offer him a choice to come and hug me or to go to his room to calm down.  He usually chooses the hug.  ;)


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