Today I woke up feeling pretty good.  Slight headache, nothing major.  I stayed in bed until about 9:00 am, revisited a touchy subject with my husband, didn't have any morning anxiety, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine coming in my window.

I skipped my fibre supplement due to the late waking and just went straight for breakfast and probiotics.

Skipped my morning vitamins (decided to just take them all at lunch), and over the next hour, started feeling really strange.  As I tried to get the kids ready to go out, I felt more and more like I probably shouldn't take them out, or be out driving at all.

I did it anyway.

Had a few questionable moments at Walmart while the kids were picking out what they wanted to spend their Christmas gift cards on, but we made it through Walmart, paid for our purchases and I bought a Coffee Crisp to consume back in the van.

The strange feeling subsided, eventually.  It was such a weird thing; feeling like something was wrong, but not being able to put any words to it.  I'm good with words.  LOL  This was a nothing that was something.  No tingling, no aches or pains; kind of a light-headed-ness that wasn't really there.  Yup, just strange.  Might take some iron today just in case; (TMI ahead) my period is way way way heavy this month.  I did make a note this morning that I really need to be paying attention to this so I can be on top of seeking medical attention if it comes to that point.

Anyways...two of last night's dreams...the first, my hubby and I were looking into buying a new apartment.  When we went to see it, it was not in the safest part of town (but not the worst), and there was a slide in place of the stairs to get up and down between the upper levels and the doors to the street.  I noticed that some of our acquaintances lived there when I saw the wife sliding down the slide and waving on the way by. LOL  When we got into the apartment to check it out, it had very high ceilings, like a loft could be built in, and we were handed a bunch of sticker-things so that we could customize the colours of the built in storage units, as in we stick the fronts on the drawers, etc.

The second dream had our family joining another family that we know but are not close friends with on vacation.  We drove to somewhere in BC with them, pulling a semi-trailer, which ended up being like an RV inside.  There was skating, tobagganing, biking, etc. for the kids to do and every time I dressed my daughter to go skating, by the time I sat down to put on my skates, she had taken off all her winter clothes and skates, so I had to redress her.  We never got out to skate.  Meanwhile, I discovered that the husband of the family we were staying with was actually a polygamist...having one full-time wife (and kids with her), and one that resided in the place where we were vacationing in BC.  The BC wife kind of traveled and did her own thing most of the time, but was still his second wife when she was around.

I should start turning my dreams into fiction novels...make some money off my crazy brain and use it to keep paying for my supplements and prescriptions.  LOL


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