P90 X

Yesterday I officially started the P90X workouts. I am joining a group of women who are doing the workouts as well, and we are offering support to each other.

So far I'm feeling the burn but it's not too bad. This morning even though it hurt for me to put my arms above my head I still managed to get groceries, change the water jug on our water cooler, and do everything else I had to do on this crazy busy day.

I still have to take my before pictures. I must remember to do that tomorrow when it's sunny. I am really excited to compare them to the end pictures after 90 days.

Today was also that magical day that I finally got to see a counselor. After a search of almost 5 years, I think that I finally found someone who will work with our family. Next week he will see my husband and I together, and after that we will start to bring the children in. I am also looking forward to seeing benefits from this.

Today I did experience some anxiety with IBS side effects. It was right before I left to see the counselor (funny right?). I am once again starting to wonder if I am figuring out a way to manage my anxiety on my own, or if the low dose of Cipralex is helping. I don't think I'm ready to cut back quite yet.


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