Note to the teacher

On top of his difficulties actually getting to school, Eli has been having issues being at school.  Yesterday he told me that there is a boy in his class who has been tormenting him.  According to Eli, this boy tries to make him cry by kicking him and calling him names and accusing him of being a bully.  He steals the erasers and sharpeners from Eli's table group, and he refuses to give them back.

I asked my boy why he doesn't let the teacher know.

"Because then the teacher will just tell me to stop tattling," he says, with tears threatening to fall.

I could not convince him to tell the teacher or to let me write her an email, but he did agree to writing her a note about what has been going on.  In the end, he asked me to write the note, but I had him dictate it to me, and we added at the end that the reason Eli is letting her know this in a note and not just telling her is because he doesn't want the other student to overhear him talking about him to the teacher.

So, hopefully this will be cleared up soon.  Eli had trouble with this boy and his twin brother last school year, where the twins ganged up on him and when Eli's big bro said something to them about it, the twins' mom yelled at Eli and my other son for hurting her children.  Sooooo...I think he's a little sensitive to anything from either of these kids now.  It would be so wonderful if kids never lost their need to blurt out the absolute truth at all times, wouldn't it?


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