Things are better

I was just looking up some info on this blog and realized that my last posts kind of left loose ends.

I did get into my dr. on Monday and she said the increase to 10 mg is absolutely fine.  She told me that I can leave it there for a month or so and go back down to 5 mg every day when I feel more stable.  She also gave me a small prescription for Ativan just in case things get as bad as they were again.  I haven't taken any yet, but it is nice to have it on hand.

I don't think there were any noticeable side effects for me jumping from 5 mg to 10 mg (not that I had time to notice any).

I am now about 97% sure that that huge panic attack was a combination of stress and the flu.  BAD timing!  Any digestive distress definitely is a huge anxiety trigger for me (IBS and anxiety are very often connected), as well as not getting enough sleep, and...well...I had no appetite and couldn't sleep, so there it is, right there.

So, I'm feeling back to normal.  My whole family is all together.  My mom is slowly working back up to her normal activities, and my grandpa has good days and bad days, but he is making sure to fill his time with his favourite things as much as he can.

Having my kids and hubby around to cuddle whenever I need to cuddle is something I've realized that I need more than I thought I did, and while one of my constant wishes used to be for a weekend alone in a hotel, it's not something I think about so much anymore.

There's my update.  If I don't post before, have a Merry Christmas, everyone!  :)


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