On my way back down

Well, last night I started the process of weaning myself back down to the 5mg of Cipralex every second day that I had made it down to awhile ago.  I want it to be a very gradual process, so I am taking it nice and slow.

I was still taking the 10mg per day that I had jumped up to between my mother's heart attack and my grandfather's death, but last night, I only took 5mg and today I was fine.

Tonight I took 10mg; my plan for the next two weeks is 15mg over two days (so 5mg one day and 10 the next).  If that goes well for me, I'll start February back at 5 mg per day.

I still have all of the Ativan that my doctor prescribed; I haven't felt a need to use it yet.

Life is good; January is always our busiest month so there is always something fun to look forward to.  Two anniversaries, two birthdays, parties, shopping, and this year we added starting a church with a great group of people and my hubby starting a new job after 8 years at his old one.

My anxious boy has been doing great as well; I was concerned about his return to school after Christmas break, but it was not even a little bit of a struggle getting him there.  He just did it.  No looking back.  That boy is amazing.  :)

So here I go, working my way back down the milligrams.  :)


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