5 mg

Tonight is my fourth night of dropping to 5 mg of Cipalex daily.  So far so good, no withdrawal symptoms that I've noticed.

If all continues to be well, I will drop to 5 mg every second evening, starting February 15.  :)  I am hoping that the decrease in dosage will also effect a decrease in weight.  I've read about Cipralex/Lexapro causing weight gain and I actually embraced that side effect when I started taking it.  Now that I am 10 lbs above my goal weight and still climbing, I'd like to not see the weight piling on anymore.  I gained a lot if weight in December and January and I was taking 10 mg daily in those months.  And barely exercising.  I am so glad February has arrived and I can start fresh in many 'categories' of my life.  :)


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