So many days since I've posted here!

There has been a lot that has happened.  Mainly, I've begun a slow decline back into feeling gastroenterologically horrible at least some of the time and have considered returning to my "just stop eating" ways, especially since the weight is continuing to pile on.  I am now a long way from the 93 lbs that I started at - a robust 124 lbs.  I don't like it.  I have been fighting the food fight, and have tried to focus on going the other way - making sure that I am meeting the daily recommendations for nutrient intake by eating more fruits and veggies.

I have remained on my regular dose of Cipralex (5...mg...right?).  A few nights ago I fell asleep before taking my pill and the next day I felt fine and stable.  I considered attempting the 'one every other day' thing I did for a good chunk of last year, but then I found myself weepy over a song and weepy over a blog post that did not call for weeping in any way, shape or form.  5 per day it will stay.  I think I am kind of coming to terms with the idea that I will likely take Cipralex for my whole life.  Rather than "curing" me of anything, it seems to just give me that extra tiny boost my brain needs to be emotionally normal.

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and since then I have been exhausted.  I could sleep and sleep and sleep, and I do end up spending most of my free time at least sitting in my bed.  I am always tired and always cold, and my house is always cluttered and messy and that depresses me.  My room is my sanctuary.  My bed is comfortable and my electric blanket is warm.

I have cut back on Frosters, from one per day.  I don't have a set goal, other than to drink fewer than seven per week.  The past few weeks, I think I've been averaging about 3/week.  So far this week, I've had one, but it's only Tuesday.

I've been great at keeping up with my morning supplements - I never miss them!

That's about all.  More than anything, I'm just tired.  I wish I could not be so tired.


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