September challenge

Funny the difference one month makes.  

Starting this month, despite my earlier decision to not wean, I decided to do a trial of 5mg of Cipralex once every three days.  I think I am finally ready to go off it.  

It has taken a long time for me to get to this point, but I feel like it will be fine.  Funny it comes at a time when my hubby is facing joblessness, I only have been able to find enough work to make half the income I had last year, and my oldest son has jumped into his moody preteen years with two feet!

That said, my anxiety was never about stress.  It came out of nowhere, made me confused and frustrated because even as my body freaked out, my mind was confident and in control.

I've read about the half-life of Cipralex and about how many days it stays in your system before being completely flushed out.  I plan to drop to one 5 mg dose every four days in October, and then every five days in November, as long as everything continues to go well.  After that, I will likely be done with it.

The main motivation to wean myself off is the fat accumulation that has happened around my waist.  I know it's not heart healthy and since I excercise daily and eat well and it is still there, I am quite convinced it is the work of the drug.  I've read online that others have struggled with the same.  I hope that getting it out of my system will take care of losing that visceral fat fairly well.

Until next time...<3


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