Ativan take two

I took the other half of that Ativan last night.  Two vodka drinks in a body that I have not been taking care of lately was a little too much, and I spent all of Christmas Eve night awake but exhausted, in and out of the bathroom on the verge of vomit, in a home that is not my own.

By 5:00 am, I was in full-on panic mode and my hubby was stirring.  He asked if I was okay and what he could do for me.  Water and my Ativan.  I am so so glad that I thought to throw it in the suitcase just in case; I don't usually carry it with me anywhere.

I didn't feel like it did a lot for me - not quickly at least - but by the time the kids were up around 7:00, I was feeling well enough to be away from the garbage can I had nearby just in case.  By 2:00 pm I could eat again.

Yay Christmas.


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