Well, it seems that I have caught some sort of gastro bug; my favourite kind.  

I went to work this morning, all ready for my second day of learning and adult socialization.  I felt weak and shaky in the morning, but I figured it would pass.  Less than two hours into the day I found myself running to the bathroom and vomiting loudly for all to hear.  Not awkward at all, right?

Fortunately, I have awesome co-workers and bosses who were glad to send me home to recover, for as long as it takes.

I was offered rides home, but I figured I could make it - and I did - and I spent the day between bed and bathroom, dozing when I could; listening to the rain and hail and thunder and flooding.

As much as I detest the fact that my body was working hard to turn itself inside out in more than one way, I feel like it was a really nice day.

At work, I was treated with compassion and understanding.  My hubby had texted the kids to let them know I was on my way home and they met me at the door with concern.  

After I was settled into my bed, within my calming sanctuary of a bedroom, the kids came to ask what they could do for me.  When I asked if they could find me a cracker, my 7-year old came back to say, "We don't have any crackers.  Would you like some toast with or without butter?"  I marvelled at her maturity, and the fact that she knew that toast was a good substitute to offer.  And I was so proud when she and her brothers brought two pieces of toast to me on a plate.  I unfortunately quickly realized that I couldn't keep anything down, but I was so filled with pride, joy, love at my sweeties' actions.

Mother Nature was busy cooking up storms today, and at two separate times, a child came upstairs to seek reassurance and have their fears of thunder, of hail and of tornadoes  dashed.  They were able to lay next to me in my bed, cry a little, cuddle with me and feel better.  Even if it was because of illness, I'm glad I could be here for them. Since falling rain is one of my favourite sounds, I'm also glad I could be here stuck laying down in my bed, unable to look at my phone or speak extensively, and have my window wide open to hear it all afternoon and evening.

My wonderful hubby brought home crackers and Powerade for me for dinner, and as I complete this blog post, I am thrilled to say that I just finished the cracker I started three hours ago.  It appears to be staying in my belly at this point, which I am so grateful for.  And my lemon-lime Powerade is so refreshing to my thirsty bod, even in tiny well-spaced sips.  

Goodnight friends.  I'm signing off happily with high hopes for a healthy tomorrow!


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