Head down, keep running

I have felt horrible for weeks.

It started with a little anxiety, so I increased my Cipralex from 2.5 mg to 5 mg.

It progressed to such intense panic attacks that I couldn't calm myself, not even a little bit.  I increased my Cipralex to 10 mg, started taking a multivitamin and my iron, paying attention to my water consumption and making an effort to work out again.  Three panic attacks in one week.  Awful.

Now, after almost a month of just continuing on the best I can, my body is so achey.  My muscles are restless and uncomfortable.  Every single muscle.  My hands swell so much at night that I can't wear my rings anymore.  My sides hurt, and my chest hurts.  There's one spot in the middle of my chest, right between my breasts, that hurts with each breath, especially the exhale.

Obviously (to me) this stuff is more than anxiety.  But I haven't gone to the doctor because I know that will be the diagnosis.  And I will get no help and will have wasted my time.

Anxiety continues to be a riddle I cannot solve.


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