Self care day

Today was like the calm before the storm.

I slept in until after 8:00, exercised mind and body at self-defence class,  and sang praises to  God with friends at worship team rehearsal. 

My third born had lunch ready for me when I arrived home, so I ate and then headed to bed for a two-hour nap.  I really love naps!

When I finally got up, I beautified the outside of our house while visiting with my friend and neighbour.  Hubby came home with our oldest and some meat for me to BBQ, so I did that and we ate.  I did some small home improvement tasks that I wanted to complete before our open house tomorrow, got the kids to bed and then initiated an impromptu date night with a text to hubby asking if he wanted to share a blizzard and watch a show.  Wild, right??

Now it's late and I'm heading to bed with ice cream cramps and high hopes for a miraculous tomorrow filled with smoothness, easy times and great news!



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