What to say about a day like today?

Today has been one of those days that goes on so so long that at the end of it, you can't believe it was only one day.

It started off with a toasty little girl sadly snuggling into bed with me.  She was obviously not well, but cried when I told her she couldn't go to school today.  Her daddy stayed home with her - I think it was his first time ever staying home with a sick child - while I spent the morning at work.

On my way home from work, I stopped at Lowe's to buy some house fix-up supplies, and then stopped to put gas in my van, and then mailed some work stuff and got some popsicles for my little sickie.

I walked into the house to a miserable girl moaning on the couch and an impish boy driving his father crazy (hubby's turn for a tantrum).  Hubby headed out to work, I made lunch for the kiddies, and we ate.

When my oldest got home, I assigned him the caregiver role and went to return a baseball uniform that my third-born no longer needs.  After that was a stop at the bank and a mini grocery shop.  My oldest was amazing again today - helped me carry in the groceries, and put most of them away.

By this point, I was feeling sleepy, so I cuddled with furnace girl for a bit and took a wee nap.  I set my alarm, but was woken up too soon by my second-born phoning to ask if the friend he was visiting all afternoon could join us for dinner and attend the youth event with him tonight.  Of course, yes, and I made sure that our awesome friend who was driving the boys to the event had extra space.  I closed my eyes, and my alarm went off.

By this point, hubby was home and had gotten dinner started.  I ran out to pick up my boy and his friend (who was very vocal about the messy state of my van, which is currently carrying everything that does not have a place in our house) and we came back for dinner.  They and my oldest went out to youth group and I ate dinner and cuddled some more.

Watched some TV, got the girl up and around and fixed her crazy hair, and the boys were back from youth.  I drove the friend home, came back home for some facebooking and singing, enjoyed an Epsom salt bath (despite the grumbles from my teen that he was planning to have a shower and I ruined his schedule), and finally I have made it back to my lovely bed.  

It is time for my eight hours of rest, and then up and at 'em for another full day tomorrow!


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