Thursday is always the busiest day.

I've always had a soft spot for Thursday.  I sometimes wonder if it is because I was born on a Thursday, or if it is because my favourite things have always happened on Thursdays.  

The first thing that pops to my mind is orchestra rehearsal.  And then choir.  In my teen years, I did music on Thursday evenings, and it was always so wonderful to be able to immerse myself in music.  To socialize without having to talk.  To be with people and not feel the stress of having to select just the right embarrassment-free words.

Through my parenting years, Thursdays have always been school performances and council meetings, and now, marching band for my teen.  I think that he has found his own Thursday love.  And it is because of music.  And that makes me tear up a little, because my heart can relate.

Thursday also holds that great feeling of anticipation.  Friday is soon.  The weekend is soon.  There is a sense of relief in that for me.  Even though our weekends these days (these years) are full and not relaxing in the least, the general consensus of people is that weekends are great, and something to look forward to.  I can feel that, even in not sharing the same eagerness to wrap myself in all the weekend has to offer.

Perhaps the relief comes in the fact that even though I don't get a break, the kids do, and overall, that means less work for me.  Because shuffling extra people about is some of the hardest work a mom has to do.  Now that my kids are old enough to be without constant supervision, there is freedom for me to rush around on my own, completing tasks and errands in half the time it used to take.

But, I digress.  Thursday is here.  Happy, cozy, hopeful, relieving Thursday.  Cake for dessert and then a council meeting and marching band to follow.  Comfort.


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