Food allergy? Histamine Intolerance?

I have to write about my experience tonight.  

Around 6:00, I had Pizza Hut pizza - Triple Crown and Hawaiian - and some blazing Buffalo wings for dinner with Pepsi and ranch dressing.  

Shortly after I ate, I was in the bathroom with diarrhea.  After that, I felt weak and exhausted, so I climbed into bed to play on my phone.  Within half an hour, I had to lay down and close my eyes.  And then I fell into a state where I was asleep but aware of my daughter next to me colouring.  After about an hour of that, I "woke up" freezing cold with a pounding heart, and eyes and mouth so dry it was like I had been in a sandstorm.

It felt a lot like a panic attack.  Or, what I have been assuming have been panic attacks.

Before I lay down, my dog didn't seem to want to leave my side, even though my hubby (his favourite person) was calling him, and after I woke up, I had to pee really badly.  I also had heartburn, and developed a headache shortly after.

I have felt this way on Friday evenings before, more than once.

I'm considering an elimination diet and will probably go to the clinic tomorrow about my sinus infection again.  I'll try to bring up my knee pain, but there might be a one-problem-only rule.


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