So my foray back into a Cipralex addiction did not last.  I took that 1/4 tab in the morning and the following night I could not wake up to deal with the dog.  Absolutely could NOT open my eyes.  So, I didn't take any more, and I decided to try to tough it out to June.

It's June 13 now, and I'm doing okay.  Life is messy, yet manageable.  The depression seems to be giving me a reprieve.  I'm trying to fix every issue that I have with my life; everything that has been weighing me down.  I have a plan with a friend to hold each other accountable to lose 10 lbs by August 1.  This week I tackled my daughter's messy messy bedroom.  I have been applying for jobs that I want to start in the fall, and I had an interview last Friday.  I don't want to get my hopes up because it would be shocking for me to jump all of the levels between where I am at currently to that one, but if I do get it, I will be thrilled!

I need to work on the boys' room next and start exercising daily, and then deal with the rest of the house, the finances, health appointments and relationships.  Seriously, everything is up in the air lately, and our fourth quarter here is going to be ridiculous.

So, just a little update here.  I think I am doing better now than I have in a long time.  And I am so very thankful.


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