first day

It was a successful first day.

The oldest got up and out the door on time to make it to school.

The second and third were at the bus stop early.

I got first day of school photos.

Number 4 went to hubby's work meeting with him since she was too ill for school.

I got chores done, ate probiotics and fibre, worked out for 30 minutes, showered, had time for hair and makeup, and made it to work on time.

Work was the gong show that the first day of school lunchroom is.  We'll figure it out!

The kids all had good days, and we had tacos for dinner.

I filled out all the school forms and signed up to work a bingo for tour cash.  My oldest got a babysitting gig for the weekend.  I am doing this.

Hubby is at his first symphony rehearsal of the season, and kids are heading to bed at 8:45.

I am about to clean up dinner and settle into bed with a laptop to pay school fees and work on my pro-serve license.  

I'm trying to take life one day at a time, not looking forward or back.  I have started posting photos from instagram in place of Facebook.  I can be much less personal there, but also share to FB so my family can see the kids.

Pleasing others and taking care of me. 


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