one day

I made it through one day without posting to Facebook.  I started to post many times, but effectively stopped myself.

I got a lot more cleaning and decluttering of the house done today.  It feels really good to walk through a clear area.  I was able to focus on my bedroom and pulled a whole bunch of clothes out of my closet to go to charity.  

Today I weighed myself and found that I am almost at my goal of 10 lbs lost.  I set this goal in June and planned to accomplish it by August 1, but it has taken the extra month.  I plan to start workouts tomorrow with the startup of work and school, so hopefully the last 0.6 lbs will melt off fast.

I also took all my vitamins today, including calcium/magnesium tonight.  I did the vitamins yesterday too.  Tomorrow I plan to start the probiotics and fibre regimen up again as well.

I had some anxiety today that had me deciding to start up meds again, but then I reminded myself that anxiety before the first day of school and work is normal.  Normal people feel it.  So I will wait until October 1 and then decide if I need the meds.  I don't like how they mess with my weight and cholesterol so if I can stay off, I need to do that.

Everyone was in bed early here tonight, which has been really nice.  Now it is 10:00 and time for me to nod off as well.  Tomorrow I will purchase room darkening curtains for my room to increase our quality of sleep.


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