Wake at 5:30, check email.

Hubby takes dog for walk.

Son1 gets up and into the shower.  

Hubby comes home to drop off the dog and pick up the boy to drive him to a train station that is closer to his school than our home is, for he has a 7:30 AM rehearsal.

I get up and start searching for the pencil sharpener I told hubby I'd find for him, break my pinky toe, and watch a YouTube video with son3 (who I woke up with my whispered scream) while I recover a bit.

I put pants on and my contacts in (advising daughter how to cook an egg in the microwave as I stick my fingers in my eyes) and then pass the found pencil sharpener to hubby on my way past him, as I rush out the door to get cash to send to school with son3's band forms.  

Cash and change (procured through a Slurpee purchase) acquired, I arrive home in time to kiss hubby goodbye on his way out the door to write his first exam for his accounting designation.  He is reminding me that daughter needs to phone her grandfather to interview him for her school project that was assigned three weeks ago, but she hasn't yet begun.  Her presentation is tomorrow.  She isn't excited about phoning. I'm not excited about her procrastination.

I leave her to find her words and head downstairs to pull out the winter coat daughter would like to wear today.  I just packed up our winter stuff in storage bags last week.  On the way, I wake up son2, who I thought was awake, but I guess not.

Back upstairs, I oversee lunch prep for two kids, while trying to pay son3's non-cash portion of the band fee online (after searching for a computer mouse, finding one, then realizing I didn't need to search after all), find that the fee isn't listed under his profile, and then write a cheque, noting on the form that I tried to pay online but couldn't.

I kiss my daughter as she heads out to school minutes before her bell's ring.  She is wearing in her winter coat, winter hat with ties, and light-up rain boots over her "I'm with the band" shirt that she's been waiting until a cold day to wear.

I then begin filling out vaccine forms for son2, stopping to research the Gardasil vaccine's use in boys, and finding no helpful information (just like last year). Forms filled, I read the other notice from his teacher about an upcoming field trip and how it will eventually cost $12, but not yet, because the government needs to approve stuff still.

I look at my watch as son3 begins to fill his water bottle with ice.  Four minutes until the bus arrives!  Son3 stops and runs out the door, as I shove son1's summer jacket into his hands (Shoulda got son3 a new winter coat before tossing his old one.  Or any coat.).  Son2 is in the bathroom and I am calling, calling, calling to him up the stairs that he needs to hurry.  Down the stairs he runs, grabbing his backpack and two snack bags on his way to the door.  Shoes on, and out he goes.  Without the vaccine forms. I stalk him a little on the Find my Friends app to be sure that he caught the bus.

I head to the basement to pull son1's marching band uniform out of the washing machine.  He put it in there last night, after asking if I could hang it for him in the morning.  Return day was Sunday, but we were busy so arranged for return today, which still may not work out.

15 minutes ago, I sat to write this.  Now I must clean up the lunch prep counter, the winter clothes that are strewn about the living room, and myself.  There's a long day and a double bingo shift are still to come for me. Hubby has studying for exam day 2 and picking up of the son.  Son1 has dinner out and first day of a new marching band.  Daughter has a pretty big project to complete.  And start.

Today we see how well our family functions in independence. Tomorrow morning we will do this all again.


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